Makita - DMR109 Job Site DAB Radio



Naked Unit
£130.80 inc vat
£109.00 ex vat


with 1 x 3Ah Battery
£186.00 inc vat
£155.00 ex vat


with 1 x 4Ah Battery
£197.94 inc vat
£164.95 ex vat

Model DMR109 has been developed based on Model BMR102, featuring capability of receiving Digital Audio Broadcasts. DMR109 receives DAB and FM stations.

Their other features are:
Runs on both AC adaptor and Makita rechargeable batteries of 7.2V to 18V cluster type/ 9.6V to 18V slide-on type that are the same power source as BMR102.
Easy-to-read digital tuner with LCD display
2-speaker stereo system
AUX-IN jack for connecting to external audio source (Connecting cable is not included.)

Approx. Continuous Run Time (1.0Ah) - 4.5 hrs
Approx. Continuous Run Time (1.3Ah) - 6.5 hrs
Approx. Continuous Run Time (2.0Ah) - 10 hrs
Approx. Continuous Run Time (2.6Ah) - 14.5 hrs
Approx. Continuous Run Time (3.0Ah) - 17 hrs
Frequency Range FM - 87.5 - 108 Mhz
Speakers - 2x76mmØ (8O) 
Practical Output (7.2v) - 0.5W x 2 
Practical Output (9.6v) - 1.0W x 2 
Practical Output (10.8v) 0 - 1.2W x 2 
Practical Output (12v) - 1.5W x 2 
Practical Output (14.4v) - 2.2W x 2 
Practical Output (18v) - 3.5W x 2 
Frequency Range DAB - Band III 5A – 13F 
Net weight - 4 kg