Cutters & Pliers

Here at Brighton Tools we stock a large selection of high quality Cutters & Pliers. We have tools and accessories in stock and ready to dispatch for next day delivery.

Brighton Tools & Fixings are Brighton’s largest supplier of Power Tools and Hand Tools for the trade. If you are looking for a great range of tools made by Milwaukee, Festool, HiKoki, Makita, Paslode, Trend, Leica and many other popular manufactures, Brighton Tools won’t disappoint you.

We have over 40 different models of cutters and pliers in stock, covering all functions. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it here.

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Types of Cutters & Pliers

Cutters and pliers are essential for any tool kit. Whether you are a large scale contractor or DIY enthusiast at home, you should never be without them. Whether for gripping, twisting or cutting – our range of cutters and pliers have all tasks covered.

Our exceptional range of cutters and pliers includes:

Your cutters and pliers should always be high quality, rust free and kept clean at all times to make them as easy and as effective to use as possible.

Cutters and Pliers safety tips

Safety is always the number one priority, whether on the job site or when improving your home. Here are some key rules to remember to ensure you use your cutters and pliers safely and correctly.

  • Always protect your eyes if there is potential for flying particles or other hazards
  • Always cut at right angles without rocking the tool side to side
  • Make sure your edges are sharp – blunt edges require more force and can increase the risk of injury
  • When gripping with pliers – the force should always be a pull, not a push. If you slip whilst pushing away from, your hand could be injured by colliding.
  • Make sure the grip span is sufficient for your hand size – if it is too small you could pinch or catch your fingers or palm when squeezing.
  • Make sure plier teeth are not worn down – worn down jaws can increase the risk of injury through lack of grip.

Cutters & Pliers brands at Brighton Tools

At Brighton Tools, we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality pliers and cutters from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our brands include Bahco, Kamasa, Draper, Knipex, Milwaukee, Stanley and many more.