Hand Saws

Here at Brighton Tools we stock a large selection of high quality Hand Saws. We have tools and accessories in stock and ready to dispatch for next day delivery.

Brighton Tools & Fixings are Brighton’s largest supplier of Power Tools and Hand Tools for the trade. If you are looking for a great range of tools made by Milwaukee, Festool, Hitachi, Makita, Paslode, Trend, Leica and many other popular manufactures, Brighton Tools won’t disappoint you.

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Types of Saws at Brighton Tools

Saws come in all shapes and sizes and cover a tremendous range of applications. Our range of saws can cut through a variety of metals, woods, masonry and other materials with ease. Choosing the right saw for your job is critical to its long term success and usability. The good news is Brighton Tools stock all the saws you will ever need for consistent results.

Our comprehensive range of handheld saws includes:

For optimal safety and results, make sure you choose the correct saw for each material and application. If you have any doubt as to which saw is right for your job, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer expert advice.

Best saws for each material

Whatever material you need to cut, Brighton Tools has the right saw for you.

Wood Saws

Wood is one of the most commonly cut materials, and the basic handsaw is the most popular and dependable hand tool for this job. Trusty, dependable and a great workout! If you require assistance, you can always opt for an electric saw to complete the job.

Where extra prevision is required, such as for tight radiuses, a coping saw is also excellent at cutting wood.

Metal Saws

Metal can be a more challenging cut than wood. The industry standard for cutting metals by hand is the use of a fine toothed hacksaw, usually tensioned in a C-frame. When cutting softer metals, always make sure your blade is kept clean, as some metals can leave residue.

Electric metal saws are also available. Like with wood, a coping saw can be used when additional precision is required.

Plastic Saws

If you need to cut through thick plastic, you can use a wide range of hand saws. Make sure you use a fine-toothed saw, as this gives you additional bite and precision without causing damage to the plastic.

Masonry and Brick Saws

While electric saws are commonplace for cutting brick and masonry, if you only have a couple of cuts to make – you can use a masonry saw. Masonry saws generally have longer blades, larger teeth and deeper gullets than standard hand saws. This helps carry dust and waste out of the cut to prevent blockages. For larger scale masonry cutting jobs, we recommend investing in an electric solution.

Hand saw brands at Brighton Tools

At Brighton Tools, we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality hand saws, blades and accessories from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our brands include Bahco, Irwin, Spear & Jackson, Starret, Draper, Tajima and many more.