Here at Brighton Tools we stock a large selection of high quality Knives. We have tools and accessories in stock and ready to dispatch for next day delivery, from manufacturers like Milwaukee, Festool, HiKoki, Trend and many more.

Brighton Tools & Fixings are Brighton’s largest supplier of Power Tools and Hand Tools for the trade. If you are looking for a great range of tools made by Milwaukee, Festool, HiKoki, Makita, Paslode, Trend, Leica and many other popular manufactures, Brighton Tools won’t disappoint you.

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Types of Knives at Brighton Tools

Knives come in many shapes and sizes, but all include a sharp blade fixed to a handle. Designed to cut through a variety of materials, it is important that the correct knife is used for each job. Some knives have fixed blades, while some are retractable, and others can be folded out. Whatever knife you are looking for, you will find it at Brighton Tools.

Our comprehensive range of knives includes:

Always take extra care when using knives, as their sharp blades can be very dangerous when not used correctly.

Knife safety on the job

There are countless health and safety rules to adhere to when using any kind of work knives on the job – here are a few key ones that must always be considered. Always ensure you read safety instructions provided with your knife before use.

  • Wear protective gloves: Protective gloves help to avoid small cuts and nicks in the event of slippage.
  • Always work on a stable surface: Do not try and cut on a wobbly surface, unstable surfaces can increase the risk of damage to the material you are cutting, as well as yourself!
  • Keep yourself away from the cutting line: Make sure you are not in the path of the cut. If you accidentally cut too far, or slip, you don’t want your hand to be the next in line.
  • Retract blade when not in use: If your knife has a retractable blade, make sure it is retracted when unused. This can prevent injury when handling or passing the knife to someone else.
  • Always focus on the blade: When you are cutting, always make sure you concentrate on the cutting. Don’t look away or distract yourself, as this can lead to mistakes and accidents.

Work knife brands at Brighton Tools

At Brighton Tools, we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality knives from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our knife brands include Stanley, Marshalltown, Milwaukee, Eclipse and many more.