Here at Brighton Tools we stock a large selection of high quality Screwdrivers. We have tools and accessories in stock and ready to dispatch for next day delivery, from manufacturers like Milwaukee, Festool, Wera, Stanley and many more.

Brighton Tools & Fixings are Brighton’s largest supplier of Power Tools and Hand Tools for the trade. If you are looking for a great range of tools made by Milwaukee, Festool, HiKoki, Makita, Paslode, Trend, Leica and many other popular manufactures, Brighton Tools won’t disappoint you.

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Screwdrivers at Brighton Tools

For something relatively small and cheap, screwdrivers couldn’t be more important. They are a DIY, contracting and household essential, and they have more uses than you might think! Whatever project or task you have lined up, Brighton Tools stocks all the screwdrivers you need.

Our comprehensive range of hand screwdrivers includes:

If you have any queries as to which screwdriver type is best for your job, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer expert advice.

Common screw and screwdriver types

There are a number of screw types and associated screwdrivers for them – some of these are very common, others not so much. Here is a quick breakdown for you.

Slotted head screws

These are driven by a common blade screwdriver and is the original screw that has been around for centuries. They are ideal for installations where little torque is required, such as carpentry. This is because the slot design offers less grip than other screw heads, making slipping easier.

Phillips head screws

Another very common screw head, the Phillips design was introduced in response to some complaints about simple slotted types, such as cam out, slippage, and difficulty of use with power tools. The Philips design is easily recognisable by its recessed cross socket.

Pozidrive head screws

This is another common screw head type that is an improved version of the classic Phillips head. These are designed to allow more torque than Phillips heads, making it less likely to cam out. Pozidrive and Phillips screws are largely interchangeable but can cause problems if used incorrectly.

Socket screws

Socket screws generally have a cylindrical head and an internal socket. These are usually used when externally wrenched fastening is not possible due to lack of space. These types of screw are fastened using an Allan or hex key, depending on the socket shape.

Sockets come in many shapes, with hexagonal being the most common. Due to the wide range of socket screw heads out there, we recommend investing in a multi-bit screwdriver to ensure you are covered.

Screwdriver brands at Brighton Tools

At Brighton Tools, we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest screwdrivers, screws and accessories from the most trusted brands in the whole industry. Our brands include Wera, Draper, Milwaukee, Hafren, Stanley and many more.