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Here at Brighton Tools, we stock a large selection of the highest quality spanners and sockets in the whole industry. Our tools and accessories are in stock and ready to dispatch for next day delivery, from manufacturers like Milwaukee, Festool, Wera, Stanley and many more.

Brighton Tools & Fixings are Brighton’s largest supplier of spanners, sockets and other hand tools for the trade. Browse our latest range below. We have over 40 different models of sockets and spanners in stock, covering a multitude of functions. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it right here.

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Types of Sockets & Spanners

Spanners and sockets are central to any tool kit, whether you are a large-scale contractor or simply a homeowner needing basic tools for household maintenance. While simple and effective in design, the number of varieties available may surprise you. Each has its own unique and crucial role.

Our exceptional range of sockets and spanners includes:

Your spanners and sockets should always be well made, rust free and kept clean at all times to make them as easy and as effective to use as possible.

Spanners and their uses

There are many types of spanner available, and each has its own specific uses. To help you understand which spanner you need, here is a quick rundown on which of the most common spanners are best suited for certain jobs.

Open ended spanners

Open ended spanners feature U-shaped profiles in varying sizes. These are primarily used for passing over nuts for tightening or loosening. They are essential for work such as plumbing or car mechanics.

Ring spanners

Ring spanners are recognisable by the ring-shaped profile, which allow you to apply pressure to all sides of a fastener. They offer additional grip compared with U-shaped profiles and are therefore less likely to slip.

Combination spanners

Combination spanners combine the U-shaped profile of an open-ended spanner, with a ring profile at the opposite end. The ring end is generally used to start fastening, while the U-shaped profile end is used for tightening.

Adjustable spanners

Adjustable spanners, as the name suggests, works in a similar way to an open-ended spanner, but with the added option of adjusting the size. This effectively turns a single spanner into several.

Spanner & Socket brands at Brighton Tools

At Brighton Tools, we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality spanners and sockets from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our brands include Stanley, Kamasa, Wera, Draper, Milwaukee, Hafren, and many more.