Worksite visibility is of utmost importance, particularly for those who work around the clock or in confined spaces. Adequate lighting is not just important for the accuracy and quality of your work, but also the safety of you and those you work with.

This is why Brighton Tools sells an exceptional range of versatile torches to assist you in any environment. Our range of torches includes adjustable head torches, handheld LED torches, hanging lanterns, and small and accessible ring torches. Our torches are in stock and ready to dispatch for next day delivery.

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Types of torches at Brighton Tools

Whatever illumination you need, you can find it here. Our torches are designed to be easy to use, lightweight and reliable. Our superb range of torches includes:

  • Fixed and adjustable head torches
  • LED torches (including rechargeable)
  • LED multi-tools
  • LED lanterns
  • Easy access ring torches

If you require more illumination than these torches offer, you can also browse our incredible range of lighting and power distribution products.