3.3Kva Transformer

Code: E203012
£79.95 ex vat
£95.94 inc vat

3.3KVA Transformers are available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

* Not designed for continuous use, not suitable for heating or lighting *

  • Transformers are designed to allow you to run 110/120 volt power tools from a 220/240 volt power supply.
  • 110 volt power tools offer the user more safety as in the event of a cable being cut you have less chance of being injured by electricity.
  • This is the most popular size of transformer in the UK.
  • With 2 x 16 amp outlets you can run tools up to 2000 watts combined power at one time.
  • 2 x 16 amp 110 volt sockets Reset button 240 volt 3 pin plug