Accident Book

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Accident Books are available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

The Health and Safety Accident Book from Brighton Tools is for the recording of workplace accidents and incidents in compliance with the Date Protection Act.

UK Health and Safety legislation states that all accidents that happen at work must be recorded within a company Accident Book.

Our Accident Book is designed to enable all of the critical details of any accident or incident to be recorded.

Every workplace, construction site, office, school, public venue, shop etc should have a current accident book available for recording accidents.

This A4 sized Accident Book contains 53 perforated forms that can easily be removed from the Accident Book and filed to maintain privacy at all times, in compliance with the Data Protection Act. 

The Data Protection Act stipulates that all personal information entered into accident books must be kept confidential.

The accident book also contains information on the recording of accidents for employee, employer and the self-employed, as well as guidance on the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).

This new-style Accident Book is now available and all employers should have been using it since 1st January 2004, if you are therefore still using your old style accident book, now is the time to change!

The key feature of our Health and Safety Accident Book include:

  • Provides a quick and easy method for cataloguing and referencing completed Accident Book Report forms, space to record a total of 53 incidents.
  • The Accident Book includes 53 perforated accident record forms. Each form is designed to encourage a logical and thorough record of every accident, leading the reporter through each stage.
  • Details recorded in the Accident Book include; who the accident occurred to, when the accident occurred, what happened, what injury resulted and whether it was reported under RIDDOR.
  • The Accident Book includes guides on how to the use the Accident Book as an employer and employee, as well as details on RIDDOR and your responsibilities.
  • The Data Protection Act (DPA) stipulates that all personal information entered into accident books must be kept confidential - this accident book complies fully with the DPA.