Alfra 14" Super Dry Cut Saw c/w Metal Blade



£394.80 inc vat
£329.00 ex vat


£394.80 inc vat
£329.00 ex vat

Available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools, the Alfra 14" Super Dry Cut Saw c/w Metal Blade

Powerful dry cut saw with long life 355mm blade that averages 800 cuts of 50x50x3mm in mild steel.

Cutting capacities:

Rectangle at 90° up to 95x180mm,13mm thick. At 45° up to 120x120mm, 13mm thick

Square at 90° up to 78x110mm, 13mm thick.  At 45° up to 89x89mm, 13mm thick

Round at 90° up to 135mm dia, at 45° up to 105mm dia.

Motor/Voltage:110 or 240v 40-60 Hz
Power Input: 2200 W
Load Speed: 1300rpm

Cutting Capacity Rectangleat 90°95x180mm13mm thick
  at 45°120x120mm13mm thick
Cutting Capacity Squareat 90°78x110mm13mm thick
  at 45°89x89mm13mm thick
Cutting Capacity Roundat 90°up to 135mm dia
  at 45°up to 105mm dia
Weight 23kg

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