Alpen - SDS+ Hammer Drill Bits 'F4' (2 Cutting Edges)


A wide range of Alpen SDS+ Hammer Drill Bits 'F4' (2 Cutting Edges) always available from Brighton Tools

Range of application:
The SDS-plus hammer drill bit F4 with its patented 4X stepped profile and patented tip. Low wear, very long service life. High efficiency drill bit for heavy-duty drilling in concrete, natural stone and brickwork.

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Size - ∅ / LengthSize - ∅ / LengthSize - ∅ / LengthSize - ∅ / Length

4mm x 110mm
4mm x 160mm

5mm x 110mm
5mm x 160mm
5mm x 210mm

5.5mm x 110mm
5.5mm x 160mm
5.5mm x 210mm
5.5mm x 260mm
5.5mm x 310mm

6mm x 110mm
6mm x 160mm
6mm x 210mm
6mm x 260mm
6mm x 310mm
6mm x 450mm

6.5mm x 110mm
6.5mm x 160mm
6.5mm x 210mm
6.5mm x 260mm
6.5mm x 310mm
6.5mm x 450mm

7mm x 110mm
7mm x 160mm
7mm x 210mm
7mm x 310mm

8mm x 110mm
8mm x 160mm
8mm x 210mm
8mm x 260mm
8mm x 310mm
8mm x 450mm
8mm x 615mm

9mm x 160mm

10mm x 110mm
10mm x 160mm
10mm x 210mm
10mm x 260mm
10mm x 310mm
10mm x 450mm
10mm x 600mm
10mm x 1000mm

11mm x 160mm
11mm x 260mm
11mm x 310mm

12mm x 160mm
12mm x 210mm
12mm x 260mm
12mm x 310mm
12mm x 450mm
12mm x 600mm
12mm x 1000mm

13mm x 160mm
13mm x 260mm
13mm x 310mm
13mm x 450mm

14mm x 160mm
14mm x 210mm
14mm x 260mm
14mm x 310mm
14mm x 450mm
14mm x 600mm
14mm x 1000mm

15mm x 160mm
15mm x 260mm

16mm x 160mm
16mm x 210mm
16mm x 260mm
16mm x 310mm
16mm x 450mm
16mm x 600mm
16mm x 800mm
16mm x 1000mm
16mm x 1400mm

18mm x 210mm
18mm x 260mm
18mm x 310mm
18mm x 450mm
18mm x 600mm
18mm x 1000mm

19mm x 210mm
19mm x 310mm

20mm x 210mm
20mm x 260mm
20mm x 310mm
20mm x 450mm
20mm x 600mm
20mm x 1000mm

22mm x 260mm
22mm x 310mm
22mm x 450mm

24mm x 260mm
24mm x 310mm
24mm x 450mm
24mm x 600mm

25mm x 260mm
25mm x 310mm
25mm x 450mm
25mm x 600mm
25mm x 1000mm

26mm x 260mm
26mm x 450mm