Aspro Tools - Gutster Demolition Bars

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1.2m / 48"
£59.94 inc vat
£49.95 ex vat


1.5m / 60"
£107.94 inc vat
£89.95 ex vat

Aspro Tools, Gutster Demolition Bars are available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

Twice the results in half the time!

Want to say goodbye to tough, tedious, demolition work?

Check out the Gutster Demolition Bars - available from Brighton Tools as 1.2 metre (48 inch) or 1.5 metre (60 inch) sizes.

The Gutster Demolition Bars allow you to maintain a straight back whilst ripping easily through floorboards, plaster, tiles and all manor of demolition and refit tasks.

Great for taking up flooring, decking, floorboards and general demolition work.

The angle of the head of the heavy duty pry bar allows you to maintain a vertical posture while removing flooring/sub-floor/sheathing—rather than spending the entire time on your job bent over.

Nail puller at the back of the head allows you to remove nails without having to bend over and risk back injury or slip and fall.
Clean the floor as you go!

Wheels allow you to roll the bar on the floor rather than having to lift it every time.

The Gutster Demolition Bar straddles the stud/joist/beam, making the fulcrum point used for prying a stable position with maximum leverage.

The head has spear shaped points to get under floor coverings.
The demolition equipment also works great for piercing drywall!

1.2 metre bar (48 inch)

  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • Length: 1.2m
  • Cast head with wheels
  • Tubular handle

1.5 metre bar (60 inch)

  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Length: 1.5m
  • Cast head with wheels
  • Tubular handle