Cup Square Hex Carriage Bolts


Cup Square Hex Carriage Bolts available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools.

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for bulk discount prices on these Cup Square Hex Carriage Bolts

A domed head bolt with a square anti spin shoulder mainly used for clamping timber or attaching ironmongery to timber.

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M6 x 20mm
M6 x 25mm
M6 x 30mm
M6 x 40mm
M6 x 50mm
M6 x 60mm
M6 x 65mm
M6 x 70mm
M6 x 75mm
M6 x 110mm
M6 x 130mm
M6 x 150mm

M8 x 25mm
M8 x 30mm
M8 x 40mm
M8 x 50mm
M8 x 60mm
M8 x 65mm
M8 x 70mm
M8 x 75mm
M8 x 80mm
M8 x 90mm
M8 x 120mm
M8 x 130mm
M8 x 150mm
M8 x 180mm
M8 x 200mm

M10 x 25mm
M10 x 35mm
M10 x 40mm
M10 x 50mm
M10 x 60mm
M10 x 65mm
M10 x 70mm
M10 x 80mm
M10 x 90mm
M10 x 100mm
M10 x 110mm
M10 x 120mm
M10 x 130mm
M10 x 150mm
M10 x 160mm
M10 x 180mm
M10 x 200mm
M10 x 230mm
M10 x 240mm
M10 x 260mm
M10 x 300mm

M12 x 35mm
M12 x 50mm
M12 x 60mm
M12 x 70mm
M12 x 75mm
M12 x 80mm
M12 x 100mm
M12 x 110mm
M12 x 120mm
M12 x 130mm
M12 x 150mm
M12 x 160mm
M12 x 180mm
M12 x 200mm
M12 x 230mm
M12 x 240mm
M12 x 260mm
M12 x 280mm
M12 x 300mm

M16 x 120mm
M16 x 130mm
M16 x 150mm
M16 x 180mm