Everbuild - D4 Wood Adhesive (1ltr)

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Everbuild D4 Wood Adhesive (1ltr) available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

D4 Wood Adhesive is a solvent free industrial grade D4 wood adhesive based upon the latest hybrid resin technology. Can be used internally or externally, gives a high strength, totally waterproof, impact and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself. Ideal for wood working, joinery and commercial assembly work. Dries clear. Easy water clean up. Sets in ten minutes.

Meets the requirements of EN204 and WATT91.


  • Excellent rate of bond strength development.
  • D4 water resistance, suitable for constant water immersion.
  • Interior/exterior use.
  • Low timber staining characteristics - will not stain.
  • Water based - environmentally friendly/easy clean up.
  • Suitable for radio frequency cure.


Areas For Use

  • As a general woodworking/joinery adhesive.
  • General assembly line work.
  • RF/HF cure systems, wood on wood laminating, furniture assembly and household DIY use.



  • Ensure wood doesn’t contain excessive moisture (<15%)
  • Not suitable for load bearing applications, use Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive.
  • Do not use at temperatures below 10o
  • Note: drying time is extended at low temperatures.
  • Clean excess adhesive off glue line after clamping before adhesive dries with a damp cloth..
  • Sand off any excess adhesive before staining the wood.
  • Ensure sufficient clamping pressure, especially important with radio frequency bonding.
  • Use on Laminates: Only suitable for bonding small porous laminate strips. Do not use on non-porous or large areas of laminate. Use CONTACT ADHESIVE.
  • Because of the varied nature of wood components, e.g. area of growth, type of pre-treatment etc, unpredictable discolouration may occur on different types of wood such as cherry, beech and others. In certain oaks, iron and tannin can also give this effect. We recommend you test compatibility before carrying out large scale manufacture.


    Surface Preparation

    All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease.




    Apply adhesive thinly to both surfaces.  Do not over apply as this will slow down cure. Clamp surfaces together until adhesive dries.  (off in 1-2 hours: full strength 8 hours). Support until fully cured (8 hours at 20°C).

    When fitting dowels, the adhesive should be applied to the holes.

    • Suitable for radio frequency curing.