Festool - KA 65 Set CONTURO Edge Bander c/w Edge Trimming Set

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The Festool KA65 Set CONTURO Edge Bander c/w Edge Trimming Set is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools.

Festool Edge Bander | Brighton Tools

The start of the perfect edge.
For furniture edging that is worthy of being called "perfect".

With an integral system that accompanies the new CONTURO KA 65 from the workpiece being prepared right through to the perfect edge finish.

For classic furniture edging or manufacturing shaped parts with convex or concave curves.

For finishing work in wood, melamine or plastic.

For variable edge heights and material thicknesses up to 3 mm.

  • Easy, clean and efficient working progress and patented cartridge gluing system for quick colour changes
  • Precision glue application for a perfect join quality and maximum adhesion
  • Nozzle system that is easy to clean, machine housing does not heat up, allowing safe working progress
  • Adhesive melts according to requirements and does not boil, discolour or deteriorate
  • Easy to handle, perfect ergonomics, clear view of the workpiece
  • Perfect in a system - integrated in a complete system of accessories and consumable materials for achieving the perfect edge
  • Affixing wooden, plastic or laminated plastic edging to panel materials
  • Possible to attach edging to simple rectangular components or more complex free forms
  • Also as an addition to the machining centre, for affixing edging to complex free form and round elements
  • Suitable for mobile use, for rapidly reworking edges in situ
  • Suitable for stationary use and small batches, straight edges, free form elements and gluing inclined edges, angle from 0-47
  • Power consumption 1200 W
  • Edge height 18-65 mm
  • Edge thickness 0,5-3,0 mm
  • Inner radius > 50 mm
  • Heating time 8 min
  • Melting temperature 0-210 °C
  • Feed speed 2/4 m/min
  • Safety class I
  • Weight 7,9 kg
  • guide table
  • 4x natural EVA adhesive
  • Edge trimming Set in SYS 4 T-LOC