Festool Limited Edition Fixings Systainer

Code: FES577131
£229.95 ex vat
£275.94 inc vat

The Festool Limited Edition Fixings Systainer is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

Festool Fixings Systainer | Brighton Tools

The limited edition of the fixing Systainer ensures that workpieces with different shapes are held firmly when being machined on the MFT multifunction table or the MW 1000 mobile workshop.

Easy to secure workpieces: The accessory in the fixing Systainer provides flexibility when clamping and securing workpieces with different shapes. This increases the range of possible applications for optimum machining of the workpieces – saving valuable time.

A perfect system: The lever clamps and stops of the fixing Systainer are compatible with all models of the MFT multifunction table and the MW 1000 mobile workshop.

100% portable: From a stationary workshop to the place of use – Systainer³ goes mobile. Systainer³ products can also be seamlessly integrated into bott vehicle equipment for easy transportation

Included in the Fixings Systainer:

  • 1 x Systainer³ SYS3 M 112 in blue (limited edition)
  • 2 x MFT-HZ 80 lever clamps
  • 2 x FS-HZ 160 lever clamps
  • 4 x MFT bench clamps
  • 2 x low-profile stops