Festool - SSU 200 UNIVERS Sword Saw

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The Festool SSU200 UNIVERS Sword Saw is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools.

Festool Sword Saw | Brighton Tools

Small handy machine with 200 mm cutting depth
Whether you are working with wood or insulating materials, the UNIVERS SSU200 sword saw from Brighton Tools cuts all materials common in construction up to 200 mm thick.

The guide rail ensures straight, splinter-free trimming, longitudinal, mitre and compound cutting with ease.

The special feature: The UNIVERS weighs just 6.5 kg – for effortless work.

  • 200 mm cutting depth and 6.5 kg weight
  • Integrated guide slot in the aluminium die cast base plate for accurate cuts using the guide rail
  • Wide application range for mitre cuts up to 60°
  • Chain changed and tensioned without using tools
  • Rotary dust-extraction attachment for connecting an extractor
  • Drawing cut for rapid, jolt-free operation and an outstanding cutting quality
  • Efficient electronics for constant pressure during sawing
  • Different chain cutters for a wide range of cuts
  • Cutting pressure-resistant insulating materials such as wooden fibreboards, PUR, polystyrene, etc.
  • Chop, mitre, rip and jack-rafter cuts in wood.

Idle engine speed  -  4 600 min

Power consumption  -  1 600 W

Weight  -  6.5 kg

Cutting depth 0°, 90°/45°/60°  -  200/140/100 mm

Mitre cuts  -  0 - 60 °

Cutting speed (idling)  -  10.60 m/s

Blade position  -  0 - 10 °

• universal saw chain SC 3/8" 91 U-39E
• chain oil 250 ml
• 7.5 m power cord