FL22M 25m LED Festoon Kit with 10 x 4w LED Lamps

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£57.95 ex vat
£69.54 inc vat

The FL22M 25m LED Festoon Kit with 10 x 4w LED Lamps is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

These LED Festoon kits from Brighton Tools are highly robust low energy lighting strings that are ideal for construction and event applications. With impact resistant injection moulded fittings. The LED Festoons deliver glare-free bright light. The LED Festoon String is ideal for lighting walkways, work areas on site and decorative event lighting. 

The LED Festoon String has an ultra low wattage consumption at  2.5kw per module. The injection moulded fittings and solid state components will take heavy knocks. There is no need to replace any lamps and the heat and glass free to remove the risk of cuts and burning. There is instant strike up and there is 2 metres spacing between light fittings.

Product  -  25m LED Festoon Light
Model No  -  FL22M
IP Level  -  IP54

Input Voltage  -  AC 110V
Output Voltage  -  AC110V
Frequency  -  50/60Hz
Lumen  -  380lm / Bulb
Total Lumen  -  10pcs x 380lm
Color temperature  -  6400K
Working Temperature  -  -20℃~55℃
Ra  -  ≥70-85
Degree angle  -  120°
Protection Class  -  Class II
LED Lift time  -  30000hrs

Cable  -  0.75 mm² 2 core Rubber Cable
Length  -  25mtr
Color  -  Black
Plug Type 1 x110v 16a Yellow Plug
Bulb Type  -  4watt LEDX 10pcs