FM Products - Wall Dog Screws (Pack of 100)

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FM Products, Wall Dog Screws (Pack of 100) available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools.

The easy to use solution for installing Fire Rated Cable Clips that is within reach of all installers are the Wall Dog Screws.

The Wall Dog Screw works very effectively straight into timber and plasterboard where its wide and sharp flutes easily self-drill their way in. They also work well directly into Thermalite blocks and some of the softer brick and even concrete block types.

Harder bricks and dense concrete blocks are best drilled out first with a 4mm pilot hole to 35mm depth. The Wall Dog Screw will then pull in tightly to give a good firm fixing. For engineering bricks, concrete and even steel reinforced concrete, the best solution when using the Wall Dog Screw is to make a 5mm pilot hole - again to 35mm depth.

Wall Dog Screws work well when fixed either directly to substrate or through PVC trunking (25mm to
50mm sizes). Simply drill the pilot hole straight through the pre-formed hole in the clip, the back of the trunking and directly into the wall behind.

Wall Dog Screw - BZP 6.5 X 32mm (Pack of 100)