Lamello Cabineo 1/4″ Hex Bits



120mm Length
£8.72 inc vat
£7.27 ex vat


80mm Length SW4 GL
£3.10 inc vat
£2.59 ex vat

The Lamello Cabineo 1/4″ Hex Bits are available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

The Lamello Cabineo Hex Bit is specifically designed to be used with Lamello Cabineo connectors.

Extra long ball-end hex bit with a 1/4" hex shank

The ball-end allows you achieve the necessary drive angle in order to tighten the Cabineo fixing.

Can be used with cordless screwdrivers or with a handle with a 1/4" hex drive.

Recommended torque setting 25Nm maximum.

Lamello Cabineo Hex Bit - Brighton Tools