Magic Grippers Door Clamps (Pair) with new dial adjustment

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£39.95 ex vat
£47.94 inc vat

Magic Grippers Door Clamps (Pair) with new dial adjustment available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

With new body shape makes the new gripper stonger and stable with the anti rock square feet makes the new grippers easier to control.

Once the Pro-Gripper is adjusted to fit the product with no slop it ready to work the jaws will be in the open position until the the door or product is placed into the jaws. 

The jaws will automatically close to grip the product tight .

More weight more they grip.

To remove your door or product simply lift it and the jaws will automaticaly open and will stay in the open position until you place the product back into the jaws. 

This is the newest version of Magic Gripper You will soon find more uses than just holding a door.

Soon you will start to understand how simple and affective they work. 

They act as a second pair of hands.

From keeping product safe and secure to creating barriers and lots of benches to keep from working on the floor. 

They take up less space in your van or shed and are quick to set up.

Another British innovation.

  • Adjustable to  Approx 15-54 mm.
  • New Bigger, Stronger Body Shape.
  • New Sqaure Feet for More Stabilitly.
  • Uses The Weight of Material to Clamp Securely.
  • Uses Gravity.
  • Gives excellent support for easy door preparation.
  • Automatic release for ease of use by lifting out material used.
  • Locates easily to achieve best results.
  • Strong Steel/Stainless Steel Material.
  • Black composite material.

Quick Uses

  • Planning doors.
  • Easily Insert Hinges, Latches Etc.
  • Holding expensive material safe IE glass,Granite worktops this stops you leaning things against walls and off the ground.
  • Making safety walls and barriers.
  • Creating static benches and mobile benches.
  • Transport product around and work on it at the same time.
  • Use to display product such as door samples.
  • Create back drop walls on exhibition work.
  • Create work benches using product.
  • Staining fence panels.