Makita DMR102W White FM/AM Job Site Radio

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Available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools, the Makita DMR102W White FM/AM Job Site Radio

The BMR102W from Brighton Tools has several advantages over its predecessor including the ability to accept 7.2 and 10.8v li-ion batteries.

It also has distinctive elastomer bumpers and silver coloured front control panel.

Silver Front control panel and newly designed Elastomer bumpers for visual distinction from it predecessor the BMR100
Compatible with all Makita batteries except 24v and 36v
Elastomer bumpers and metal pipes protect against rough handling
Dual Power Sources
Digital quartz display
Auto-scan and clock set button
Headphone Jack
2 x Aux port for ipods and CD players
AC Adapter Jack
Timer set button
Sound volume and Manual tuning button
Digital quartz display with backlight
Power on-off and Off-timer button
Front Control Panel FM/AM band selection and Mono-stereo change button
Carry Handle with soft grip swivels 90°
Shower Proof withstands up to 5 minute exposure to rain

Makita - Brighton Tools

Power Supply: AC power adaptor
Power Supply: DC 7.2v-18v battery
Frequency: FM 87.5-108Mhz
Frequency: AM 522-1629kHZ
Speakers: 2 x 76mmØ (8O)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 1/2" x 6 1/2" 12 1/7"
Approx runtime:
- 1.0ah battery - 4 hrs
- 1.3ah battery - 7 hrs
- 2.0ah battery - 11 hrs
- 2.6ah battery - 13 hrs
- 3.0ah battery - 16 hrs
Practical output:
- 7.2v battery - 0.5w x 2
- 9.6v battery - 1.0w x 2
- 10.8v battery - 1.2w x 2
- 12v battery - 1.5w x 2
- 14.4v battery - 2.2w x 2
- 18v battery - 3.5w x 2
Net Weight: 4.6kg