Milwaukee - K 500S Kango SDS Max Chipping Hammer Drill



£659.98 inc vat
£549.99 ex vat
This product is currently out of stock


£659.98 inc vat
£549.99 ex vat
This product is currently out of stock

The Milwaukee K500S Kango SDS Max Chipping Hammer Drill is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

ANTI-VIBRATION SYSTEM - Significantly reduces vibration - Less strain on joints, more comfortable handling
SOFT-HAMMER FUNCTION - Reduces blow energy - Chiselling in sensitive materials
DIGITRONIC FULL-WAVE ELECTRONICS - Use of complete alternating voltage - Well suited to working with generators
ELECTRONIC SOFTSTART - Short delay of full speed - Precise chiseling start
NO-LOAD SPEED LIMITATION - In a no-load situation, speed doesn't run at maximum - Protects motor, reduces wear
SERVICE DISPLAY - Control light displays soon before carbon brushes wear out - In-time warning of service need
POWER DISPLAY - Control light displays if electrical current is on - Quick detection of failure source
HEAVY-DUTY METAL GEARCASE - All-metal gearcase - Optimum seating of the gears for enhanced service life
ADDITIONAL SPADE HANDLE - Can be turned and adjusted to various angles up to 360° - Effective, ergonomic handling
LOCK-ON FUNCTION - Tool can run without the speed switch being continuously pressed - Less tiring use in continuous applications
VARIOLOCK - Chiselling angle can be locked at various positions - Effective, ergonomic handling
SERVICE HATCH - Access hatch for servicing (e.g. worn-out carbon brushes) - Few screws for quick & easy serviceability
SOFTGRIP - Rubber-padded rear handle - Comfortable handling & good grip
SOFTGRIP ADDITIONAL HANDLE - Rubber-padded additional handle - Comfortable handling & good grip

Milwaukee Kango Hammer Drill | Brighton Tools

Power input 1.300 W

Blow energy(EPTA) 8.5 J

Blow rate (full-load) 2.840 bpm

Blow rate soft-hammer mode (full-load) 2.200 bpm

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