Milwaukee - M18 B9 9.0Ah High Demand Battery

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Available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools, the Milwaukee M18B9 9.0Ah High Demand Battery

Milwaukee M18B9 9.0Ah High Demand Battery | Brighton Tools

The high energy demand battery pack from Brighton Tools is engineered for high current draw applications

First cordless high performance solution to deliver corded power on an 18V battery platform with an optimised power to weight ratio vs higher voltages

Milwaukee® high demand pack delivers up to 15% more power and twice the work of an 18V 5.0 Ah Lithium pack in all applications

REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery with Milwaukee® REDLINK™ digital overload protection to prevent users from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations

Individual cell monitoring ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life

Durable metal frame battery construction with shock responsive separators preventing pack failure from excessive vibrations or drops

On-board battery fuel gauge helps the user to maximise his battery run-time efficiency

Compatible with all 80+ M18™ tools in the range

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