Milwaukee - M18ONEKA-0 'One Key' Adapter

Code: 4933451386
£99.00 ex vat
£118.80 inc vat

Available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools, the Milwaukee M18ONEKA-0 'One Key' Adapter.


  • Tool reporting for crimping tools PC version
  • Gives users the ability to control their Milwaukee batteries via this adapter and get information out of the battery ( overview about what information will be provide is in development)

ONE KEY™ Service App

  • further development for service to read out battery information like:

  date of activation

  number of cycles

  max. temperature

  max. amp draw

  average amp draw

  single cell voltages

  pack voltage

  single cell IR

Kit code and product number: M18OKA-0 (4933451386) Naked

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