Milwaukee - Spauger Bit Set

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The Milwaukee Spauger Self-Feed Wood Bit Set is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

Speed Feed™ Self-Feeding Wood Bits from Brighton Tools are made for drilling fast holes in clean wood.

The double wing spurs cut clean holes for feeding wire or bolts through, and the feed screw and dual cutting edges provide up to 10 times faster drilling vs. flat boring bits.


  • 1/2" (13MM) Speed Feed™ Wood Bit 
  • 5/8" (16MM) Speed Feed™ Wood Bit 
  • 3/4" (22MM) Speed Feed™ Wood Bit 
  • 1" (25MM) Speed Feed™ Wood Bit 


  • Up to 10 Times Faster Drilling vs. Flat Boring Bits
  • Coated Flutes for Fast Chip Removal
  • Double Wing Spurs for Clean Hole Cutting
  • 1/4" Power Groove Shank Fits All 1/4" Extensions


  • Bit Length 6"
  • Shank 1/4" Hex

Milwaukee Spauger Wood Bit | Brighton Tools