Paslode - PPN35Ci Positive Placement Nailer

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The Paslode PPN35Ci Positive Placement Nailer Has been discontinued. Please search PPNXI for the new version.

The first and best gas positive placement nailer on the market.

The PPN35 Ci from Brighton Tools makes light work of fixing joist hangers, truss clips, connector plates and strapping in even the tightest spaces.

More than three times faster than using a hammer and nails, this revolutionary tool pays for itself in just six working days based on the reduced labour required on site.

  • Self Locating Probe - the nose piece locates the hold even where joists are spaced only 300mm apart and at angles of up to 350. When the tool is fired the 'probe' kicks out of the way
  • Hardened Twisted Nails - the 3.4 x 35mm Hardened Twisted Nails has 5 twists and comes in strips of 23. The nails are Electro Galvanised with 12 microns of zinc & cromate corrossion
  • On / Off battery - new easy click on / off settings enables the tool to be left in safe mode, without needing to remove the battery
  • Removable magazine - makes light work of clearing jams and debris from the tool. The magazine only fits the 3.2 x 35mm Hardened Twisted Nails
  • Depth Adjuster - the tool-free depth adjuster with it’s unique locking system means consistent nail embedment every time
  • Indicator lights - LED lights indicate; battery charge - green for positive charge, red for low charge; tool cleaning - flashes orange after 30,000 shots to indicate it is time to clean the tool
  • Fuel cell loading - the patented locking system means the fuel cell self-locates into the lock position, making loading a simple operation
  • Temperature performance - intelligent fuel injection system delivers unrivalled cold weather performance with a working threshold of -15ºC to +49ºC

Paslode Approved

Paslode - Brighton Tools

Paslode PPN35

Paslode - Brighton Tools

Weight with battery: 4.0 kg
Dimensions:384mm x 328mm x 127mm
Nail Range:35mm
Cycle Rate: 2 - 3 nails / second 
Maximum Cycle Rate:1,000 nails / hour      3,330 nails / day
Fuel Cell Life: 1,250 shots at - 5°c
Operating Temp:-15°c to 49°c 
Battery Lithium (1,25 Ah):Up to 7,500
Charger 230 Volt: 1 hour max. charge 
Capacity Magazine: 29 nails

Included when you order:

  • Paslode PPN35Ci Nailer
  • High impact lightweight carry case
  • 1 x batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Cleaning solution
  • Paslode lubricating oil
  • Safety glasses (EN166:F)
  • Allen key
  • Instruction manual

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