PDP - P5-5-IN-1 Diamond Blades

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115 x 2.2 x 10 x 22.2mm
£29.30 inc vat
£24.42 ex vat


125 x 2.2 x 10 x 22.2mm
£31.42 inc vat
£26.19 ex vat


230 x 2.6 x 10 x 22.2mm
£61.74 inc vat
£51.45 ex vat


300 x 3.2 x 10 x 20mm
£108.52 inc vat
£90.44 ex vat

Available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools, PDP P5-5-IN-1 Diamond Blades

PDP Diamond Blade - Brighton Tools

Our most popular premium blade - Extremely fast cutting, the 5-in-1 blade is renowed for its ability to cut a wide range of materials from steel and Indian sand stone to reinforced concrete and building materials. The 5-in-1 is the ideal choice for all levels of users and is equally at home on large construction sites as it is on smaller jobs.

Applications Ideally suited: Marble, slate, Indian sandstone, granite, class A engineering bricks, clay products, flint aggregate concrete, class B engineering bricks, heavily reinforced concrete, medium reinforced concrete, lightly reinforced concrete, concrete, slabs, kerbs, pipes & beams.

Occasional use: Steel section, pipes, beams, cast iron, concrete flag stones, York stone, concrete paviors, general facing bricks, hand-made bricks & concrete roof tiles. Too much use on these materials could result in either overheating or rapid wear.


• EN13236: European Standard that regulates the safety requirements for super abrasive (diamond) products.

• ISO9001:2010 Quality Management System: Standard designed to help ensure organizations meet the needs of their customers.

Tips & Maintenance for all Diamond Blades
• Make certain the blade is suitable for the material before cutting
• Carry out a slight pendulum movement during cutting (forwards, backwards)
• Keep the maximum amount of diamonds exposed by regularly cutting into a highly abrasive material, such as a 3-Newton building block or soft sandstone.