PDP - P6-ECC EVOCUT Diamond Blades

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230 x 2.6 x 15 x 22.2mm
£91.95 inc vat
£76.63 ex vat


300 x 2.8 x 15 x 20mm
£161.68 inc vat
£134.74 ex vat

Available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools, PDP P6-ECC EVOCUT Diamond Blades

PDP Diamond Blade - Brighton Tools

The EVOCUT is a professional grade laser welded blade that is designed to cut very hard reinforced concrete FAST. The arrow design segments, slanted keyhole design and cooling holes all combine to ensure incredibly fast cutting and low vibration. The EVOCUT blade offers everything you would expect from a pro blade, but overall performance is elevated to a totally new level.

Applications Ideally suited: All types of hard aggregated reinforced concrete and non-reinforced concrete, general concrete products, Indian sandstone, granite, class ‘a’ & ‘b’ engineering bricks, clay products, York stone, concrete paviors, general facing bricks, handmade bricks, concrete roof tiles, solid dense concrete blocks above 7Newton.

Occasional use: Lightweight concrete blocks, green concrete, cement screed. Too much use on these materials could result in rapid wear.


• EN13236: European Standard that regulates the safety requirements for super abrasive (diamond) products.

• The Organization for the Safety of Abravives (oSa): Members of oSa have to imply strict manufacturing, quality and safety procedures in accordance to EN13236. The main purpose is to guarantee the user a high quality product and ultimate safety.

• ISO9001:2010 Quality Management System: Standard designed to help ensure organizations meet the needs of their customers.

Tips & Maintenance for all Diamond Blades
• Make certain the blade is suitable for the material before cutting
• Carry out a slight pendulum movement during cutting (forwards, backwards)
• Keep the maximum amount of diamonds exposed by regularly cutting into a highly abrasive material, such as a 3-Newton building block or soft sandstone.