Soudal - Lead Sheet Sealant (Grey)

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Soudal Lead Sheet Sealant (Grey) available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

Lead Sheet Sealant | Brighton Tools

Low Modulus Neutral cure silicone. Eliminates the need for grouting. Long life. Adhesion to most building materials - all types of leads (BS:EN 12588 (1999) compatible, milled, rolled, sand cast, water-cooled), other metals, brickwood, concrete, granite, marble, slate, cement, stone and roofing tiles. Stain free on most substrates. Lead grey colouring. Non-corrosive. Good UV and weather and permanently flexible joint.

Roofing joints. Sealing lead flashing into brick, stone or concrete. Joints on gutters, downpipes and venting. Steel roofing. Sealing overlaps in rigid sheet roofing.

- Surfaces must be clean, dry, free of dust, grease and any other substance liable to harm the adhesion of the sealant
- Apply at temperatures between +5ºC and +40ºC, making sure that the joint is completely filled
- Tool the sealant with a dry spatula, before a surface skin is formed
- Store in cool, dry conditions at temperatures between +2°C and +30°C