ToughBuilt Cliptech Hubs (Pack of 3)

Code: T/BCT150
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£7.08 inc vat

ToughBuilt Cliptech Hubs (Pack of 3) available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

ToughBuilt® 3 piece ClipTech™ Hubs™ from Brighton Tools are the attachment points for all ClipTech pouches.

The patented Hubs allow ClipTech pouches to be attached almost anywhere. 

Hubs can easily attach to any belt, ClipTech bag or tote, ClipTech Wall Organizer, or screwed to a wall or joist.

Your pouches and tools can be organized and moved as needed on your belt, in your garage, on the jobsite, or in the back of your van to fit every job.

Clip on a single pouch or and entire rig.

Carry what you need when you need it.

Toughbuilt Cliptech Hubs - Brighton Tools

  • The attachment point for all ClipTech pouches
  • Easily attach to any belt, Wall Organizer, ClipTech bag and tote
  • Screw holes allow Hubs to be attached anywhere
  • Rugged steel pivot pins