Trend - 15 piece Router Cutter Starter Set

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£124.94 inc vat

The Trend 15 piece Router Cutter Starter Set is available now from Brighton Tools.

Fifteen piece sets containing a range of cutters including bearing guided tools for decorative woodworking.

Supplied in a unique presentation kit box.
Tungsten Carbide tipped chrome Molybdenum steel.
Suitable for grooving, profiling and moulding.
Use on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF and plywood.

Trend Router Cutter | Brighton Tools

1 x Single Flute dia 4.8mm
3 x Two Flute dia 6.3mm, 12.7mm & 19mm
1 x Dovetail dia 12.7mm
2 x Guided Round Over radius 9.5mm & 12.7mm
1 x Guided Chamfer 45 degree
1 x Guided Roman Ogee radius 4mm
1 x Guided Trimmer dia 12.7mm
2 x Guided Cove radius 6.3mm & 12.7mm
1 x 'V' Groove 45 degree
1 x Core Box radius 6.35mm
1 x Guided Rebater 11.1 rebate