Trend - Classic Pro Stone fine/coarse 8" x 3"

Code: DWS/CP8/FC
£88.58 ex vat
£106.29 inc vat

The Trend Classic Pro Stone fine/coarse 8" x 3" is available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

Double-sided site and workshop bench stone.

  • Ideal for up to 3 inch plane irons and chisels.
  • Unique clearance channel on coarse side to produce faster, cleaner cut.
  • Solid diamond surface on fine side.
  • Grit size clearly marked on surface.
  • Precision flatness substrate.
  • Unique diamond shaped surface prevents snagging when sharpening small or pointed tooling.
  • Complete with pouch, cleaning block and non slip mat.
  • Fine 1000 grit (15 micron) and coarse 300 grit (50 micron).
  • Guaranteed for five years.
  • Recommended use with Trend lapping fluid to prevent clogging or rusting and assist in keeping tools clean.
  • Use with no pressure.
  • Ideal for flattening chisels and plane blades as well as achieving a shaving edge in seconds.
  • Precision flatness gives the ability to also sharpen spindle knives in house.
  • The extra coarse grit is suitable to fix and restore a damaged edge on chisels, plane irons.

Trend Classic Pro Stone | Brighton Tools

Size - 203 mm x 75 mm x 8 mm
Grade - Fine & Coarse
Grit - 1000 & 300 (nom. 15 & 50 micron)