Trend - Craftpro Router Table

Code: CRT/MK3
£239.12 ex vat
£286.94 inc vat

The Trend Craftpro Router Table is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

This Craftsman Router Table from Brighton Tols has many features and comes complete with various accessories making this table perfect for craftsmen & woodworking enthusiasts.

Featuring a large laminated working surface, parallel adjustment system, high back fence, sliding tenon push block for producing tenons and built-in safety on/off switch for safe operation and peace of mind.

Accessories include: 2 x Insert rings, 1 x Mitre fence, 1 x Lead-on-pin, 1 x Safety guard 1 x Pushstick, 1 x side pressure, 1 x top pressure and 1 x no-volt release switch.

  • Large laminated MDF with high back fence.
  • Removable 6.35mm thick aluminium insert plate with 98mm diameter aperture, pre drilled for Trend TBC routers and T11 routers. Quick Raiser and Quick Release facility
  • Full perimeter leg stand with adjustable feet.
  • Lead on pin for bearing guided curved work.
  • Mitre fence with zeroing and spelch block facility
  • No volt release switch.
  • Router not included.

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