Trend - Lock Jig (Large)

£119.51 ex vat
£143.41 inc vat

Trend Lock Jig (Large) available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

For routing the face-plate and mortise for larger locks quickly & accurately.

Suitable for DDA (Disabilty Discrimination Act) lock size.
20mm x 235mm radius end face plate and 17mm x 170mm mortise.
Adaptor plate included to allow smaller templates (239mm x 60mm) to be fitted (as supplied with standard LOCK/JIG).
Suitable for doors 34mm to 58mm thick.
An auger bit and drill is required to complete deep mortises.
The jig requires a plunge router with a 80mm plunge, fitted with a 30mm guide bush with 6mm spigot & 12mm diameter long reach cutter.

Trend Lock Jig | Brighton Tools

Door thickness min. - 34 mm
Door thickness max. - 58 mm
Includes templates for locks having the following:
Face-plate Dimensions
Metric - Template
20x235 mm radius end - 1
24x235 mm radius end - 2
Mortise Dimensions:
Metric - Template
17x170 mm - A*
*Mortise is actually 180mm to give 5mm clearance each end.