Trend - Stair Jig A Complete Closed Riser

£174.30 ex vat
£209.16 inc vat

The Trend Stair Jig A Complete Closed Riser is available now for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

This template jig is a well proven means of routing out stair housings quickly and accurately.

  • Constructed from hard wearing solid laminate and includes a reversible fence for exact matching of stair strings and fully adjustable nosing piece.
  • Built-in heavy duty front clamp for quick clamping for each trench.
  • Adjustable to suit private and common stair angle pitch.
  • Standard TCT dovetail cutters are offered for various tread thicknesses.
  • All heavy duty routers over 1600 watts can be used.
  • Sub-base is pre-drilled to suit Trend/DeWalt/Elu 1/2 inch routers, for other makes the sub-base will have to be redrilled.

Trend Stair Jig | Brighton Tools

Tread Thickness - 22-32 mm
Slider Diameter - 30 mm
Nosing Adjustment - 16-19 mm
Length - 858 mm
Height - 485 mm
Width - 9.5 mm
Weight - 6.17kg

1 x Sub-base
1 x Adjustable reversible clamp bar
1 x Reversible clamp bar
1 x Nosepiece
1 x Line-up pin & bush
2 x Spanners