Trend T18S/SLB 18v LED Area Light (Naked Unit)

Code: T18S/SLB
£38.00 ex vat
£45.60 inc vat

The Trend T18S/SLB 18v LED Area Light (Naked Unit) is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools

Trend LED Area Light | Brighton Tools

3 Light Levels – Brightness levels can be set to suit the work

  • 10W, 20W, & 30W Settings - low, bright and extra bright light levels equivalent to 1100, 2000 and 2700 Lumens
  • Exceptional Runtime – Hours of continuous light to get the job done
  • 360 Degree Rotation – To reposition the beam and project the light effectively
  • Hook Mount – Additional positioning options to direct the beam
  • Weatherproof Design - For external use and in wet conditions
  • Carry handle
  • 3 mode selector to tailor light output and runtime depending on user requirements.
  • 360 degree rotating light to direct and alter the illumination position without having to move the complete unit.
  • Full day runtime on a single charge, one 4Ah battery lasts for 7 hours on the low setting.
  • Hanging hook and tripod options increases the way the light can be positioned and directed for maximum flexibility.
  • Non marring plastic feet protect surfaces and provides sure footing to prevent slipping on uneven surfaces.
  • Mains power adapter allows dual power supply options to preserve battery life when needed.
  • Screw mount allows user to fix the light to surfaces above head head for area lighting.
Rated power10/20/30W
Light regulation1100/2000/2700 Lumens
360 degree positioning 
Weight1.67kg (bare)
Size250x210x260 mm

Runtime claim:

Up to 1.2/1.7/3.5 hours (2Ah battery)

Up to 2.5/3.5/7 hours (4Ah battery)

Up to 3.5/4.5/10 hours (5Ah battery)