Leica - Utili-Finder System



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£599.00 ex vat


Detector Only
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The Leica Utili-Finder System is available for next day delivery from Brighton Tools.

The Utili-Finder system from Brighton Tools easily locates buried electricity cables around your house or site.

Knowing the location of buried cables is essential to protect personnel and equipment during any excavation project.

Damage causes unnecessary costs, creates project delay and could cause personal injury.

The Utili-Finder is a unique system that is very simple to use, just plug in the Utili-Gen inside your building and trace the buried electricity cables outside with the Utili-Finder, marking their path as you go.

Other conductive services including metal gas and water pipes and telecom cables may also be located if safety bonded to the electrical earthing system.

  • Find electricity cables
  • Reduce cable strikes
  • Avoid repair costs and project delay

Leica Utili-Finder - Brighton Tools

How It Works

The Utili-Finder System consists of 2 parts, the Utili-Gen is plugged into a normal plug socket inside a building and will generate a taceable signal on the electricity cables outside which are feeding into the building.

In the correct conditions the signal will also connect a signal onto other utilities such as telecom cables and water pipes; the Utili-Finder will trace the signal generated and by walking in a zig-zag pattern across a site the user will be able to mark the path of the buried cable or pipe.

  • Easy to operate, press and go
  • Durable, reliable design
  • Proximity warning
  • Built-in function test
  • Sunlight readable display
  • Peak display hold - Accurate pinpointing
  • Light and portable with kit carry bag
  • Takes standard batteries