V-Tuf DUSTEX M 21L M-Class Dust Extractor 1400W



£478.80 inc vat
£399.00 ex vat


£478.80 inc vat
£399.00 ex vat

New to Brighton Tools, the V-Tuf DUSTEX M 21L M-Class Dust Extractor 1400W 

“V-TUF DUSTEX M … LUNG SAFE SPECIFICATION: a HSE (Health and Safety Executive) approved and required dust extractor in construction - full M CLASS CERTIFICATION” – PROTECT your health and the health of others! Be complaint! Do your job effectively! 

Proven superior performance! “The V-TUF DUSTEX has been found to have superior suction power and is lighter to move about then its competitors” – as stated by a large UK construction group – 2017 

Please note: M CLASS filtration is the minimum requirment for construction and wood dust.

  • V-TUF DUSTEX M connects to your power tool and works in conjunction with it, to remove and contain the harmful dust from the source. The robust 2000 watt (MAX) power take off electric control circuit has been rigorously factory tested to 4000 watts momentarily to ensure reliability. Note: Do not use power tools that are rated above 2000 watts!
  • V-TUF DUSTEX M will start when you start your power tool; and stop shortly after you turn your power tool off, to clear the dust in the suction line.
  • V-TUF DUSTEX M has a powerful 1400W TWIN TURBINE bypass suction 240 volt motor, a 21 Litre IMPACT resistant collection tank. The powerful suction along with the full M CLASS CERTIFICATION of the V-TUF DUSTEX M gives you maximum dirt removal whilst saving lives from fatal dust inflicted diseases.
  • The vacuum cleaner must filter out 99.9% of dust including all non-carcinogenic dust like wood.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All filters must be in place to maintain compliance.
  • Protect your health! Be compliant! Do your job effectively!
  • As well as enjoying the ergonomics and robust reliability of the V-TÜF DUSTEX M.
  • Connects to your power tool and works in conjunction with it, to remove the dust from the source.
  • Confidently carries the M CLASS certification and does what it says on the tin!
  • Full M CLASS Certification
  • Power take off thermal protection
  • Automatic Filter cleaner
  • Extremely resilient Head, tank, base and clips
  • Robust Non Mark Wheels
  • Washable filters
  • Twin turbine motor
  • Extra Long Cable
  • Definitive hose connector
  • Tool and Cable Storage
  • 5M Extraction hose c/w stepped tool connector
  • Excellent Spares and Accessories Availability
  • Cable Length: 8.5 metres
  • Motor Power: 1400W Twin Turbine
  • Accessories: 36mm Chrome
  • Voltage: 110, 240V – 50/60Hz
  • Air Flow: 215 M3/H
  • Tank Size: 21 litres
  • Weight: 9.2 Kg
  • Filtration: M CLASS
  • Noise (dB9A)): 60
  • Power take off: 2000W

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